FrameScript 6 Beta

In einem Beitrag auf framescript-users stellt Frank Elmore eine neue Beta-Fassung des nächsten Releases von FrameScript vor:

Hello Scripters,
There is a new beta for FrameScript 6 on the ElmSoft web site (

One big change for this beta and for the upcoming release is that there is now only one install file. The FrameScript clients for all the supported FrameMaker versions are included.

This means that if you have more than one version of FrameMaker on your computer, you will not need to install separate versions of FrameScript for each one. It will be installed in all of them or you may select to which FrameMaker installations you wish to have FrameScript installed.

Also, and possibly more important, when you upgrade your FrameMaker, the FrameScript for it will already be there!

Frank Elmore
Project leader for FrameScript

Auf der angegebenen Webseite findet sich auch der Download einer WhatsNew.pdf, die unter anderem folgende Punkte auflistet:

  • The ability to create new object types, via the OE/Evm development system.
  • Perl compatible regular expressions (find, subpatterns, replace text)
  • Read and write zip files
  • Temporary file manager
  • Tagged input and output
  • Tagged document object
  • Html/XHtml/Xml output streams
  • The FrameScript menu now keeps a list of the most recent scripts
  • ElmStudio Script Editor can be used with OE programs
  • Browse for folder dialog
  • EForms can use Panels
  • EForm Panels can have automatic layouts
  • EEdit control has NumChars property
  • ListBox control has NumChars and NumLines property
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  1. Johannes Graubner sagt:

    Schade, ein Script-Recorder, der die in FM ausgeführten Anwenderaktivitäten einfach in FrameScript-Befehle umsetzt, muss weiterhin auf der Wishlist bleiben.

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